12 July 2024

FlexForum advice to the Commerce Commission on making sure next DPP delivers the most reliable and affordable distribution services possible and makes it easier for households, businesses and communities to electrify and maximise the value of their flexibility.

11 April 2024

FlexForum advice to the Electricity Authority on how to get to the future market and power system.

19 December 2023

FlexForum advice to Commerce Commission on 2025 default price path issues

2 November 2023

FlexForum advice to MBIE electricity market measures issues paper

19 July 2023

FlexForum advice to Commerce Commission draft Input methodologies

11 May 2023

FlexForum advice to Ministry of Transport on draft EV strategy

28 February 2023

FlexForum advice to EA on updating regulatory settings for distribution networks

31 August 2022

FlexForum advice to EECA on electric vehicle charging standards

21 June 2022

FlexForum advice to Standards NZ on draft Smart Home publicly available specification

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