FlexForum Workshop to start developing an EV charging workplan

A Whole-of-system EV charging workplan

FlexForum is coordinating on behalf of EECA a co-design process to produce a workplan setting out the actions required for households and businesses to see flexible EV charging as the easy and obvious choice.  

We are not mucking around. The workplan will be handed to EECA by 31 July 2024.  

The first step is an all-comers workshop to review and agree facts about the current and future state for EV charging.  

The resulting whole-of-system perspective of the agreed facts will provide the starting point for listing the specific actions required to provide households and businesses with the ability and incentive to prefer flexibility EV chargers and charging.  

Who: people from organisations with a role in EV charging practices and outcomes or who talk to households and businesses about EV charging choices – this includes, EV and EV charging manufacturers and suppliers, electricity distributors, electricity retailers, government and regulatory bodies, and consumer advocates  

When: 0930-1230 17 April 2024 

What: establish a whole-of-system perspective – from car-yard to plug – about the factors which drive the choices households and businesses must make about EV chargers and charging, such as the choice to buy a flexibility-capable EV charger and the choice to prefer flexible charging day-to-day versus charging on demand.  

Get in touch at info@flexforum.nz if you want to be involved. 

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